My approach within my own therapy practice is integrative using different modalities including CBT, psychodynamic, existential, solution focussed and CBT approaches, according to what the client’s needs are, but it’s base is mainly person-centred. Counselling is something for which I really have a passion.. to be able to be there for others on their unique journey and to allow people to explore and find their own answers. It’s extremely rewarding and we are always learning as counsellors how to become hopefully better at what we do which is to sensitively allow clients to discover what works for them in terms of how they can accept or change things.

I believe in working together in supervision collaboratively and in a very human way, intentionally learning about and understanding your needs as a supervisee in a way that supports you in your client work and in your own development, resilience and wellbeing as a counsellor. I like people to feel comfortable and at ease and so I hope this comes across and we can work with mutual respect, openness, sensitivity, humility and also humour.

Reframing or conceptualising in new ways, seeing things from alternative viewpoints and being gently challenged is part of supervision. But I also want to give support and encouragement for the feelings of vulnerability as a counsellor that we can experience for example when a client’s issue resonates, or when you’re not sure about something. You need to feel empowered in your supervision to discuss success or failures.

Again your own journey and development is as unique as your own way of working and supervision is the process through which you can safely reflect and explore your own interventions and relationships with clients, what you have learned and what you need to learn to develop your own therapy work further.

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