Working Agreement

The therapy contract is something which ensures the safety and well-being of both yourself the client and myself the therapeutic counsellor and is an initial working agreement between us. This includes business and practical arrangements and also an understanding about what you may expect about the process and what you have come to talk about. Having a contract clarifies things for both you and me and you can make an autonomous decision about whether you want to go on with the sessions (BACP ethical principal of autonomy).

 Please read the Individual Therapy Contract or Couples Therapy Contract before coming to the first session. 

Individual Therapy Contract

Life Coaching Contract

Face to Face Couples Therapy Contract

Couples Online Therapy Contract

Telephone and Online Therapy Contract

What personal data I collect and why I collect it

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Recent changes in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law means that people have to be given a reason for someone holding their personal data and that people have to sign consent to allow someone to hold their data. Your data is kept for me to be able to contact you about dates and times for sessions and for emailing you with any therapeutic material that might be helpful for you as part of your therapy such as recommended reading. All personal data is kept in a locked filing cabinet in line with data protection requirements. Please read the GDPR document before coming to the first session.

GDPR document for Therapy

GDPR document for Life Coaching