Couples Counselling

After the ‘honeymoon period’, resentments sometimes set in and the safety of the therapeutic environment promotes effective communication needed to resolve these difficulties. We will be working together finding ways to make progress and move forward quickly, exploring what already works well and finding different expressions of love and ways to communicate with each other.

Tenderness is so important…

In a friendly atmosphere of acceptance, respect and non-judgement, my hope is that we can work together at a fast pace to build a new strength in your relationship for the road ahead more aware of how your own relationship works.

Some couples decide they don’t want to stay together, and when this happens, it’s helpful through therapy to be able to make this transition with respect and kindness, moving forward as independent unique individuals.

With couples counselling it may be helpful to attend for 6 weekly sessions during which time there are various exercises for you to work on together outside the sessions for the duration of the therapy, after which we can review the couples counselling process and negotiate further sessions as appropriate and if needed. However the aim is that the counselling process is kept to a minimum number of sessions to save expenses for the client and to move forward quickly.