Online and Telephone Counselling


I feel strongly about people being able to have easy access to online and telephone counselling and confidential help when it’s needed and I am dedicated to this. Whilst I’m not able to give advice or provide a helpline, I can be here to talk to and to provide you with Online Counselling or Telephone Counselling and to walk with you.

Whether your concern is what’s going on currently with Covid-19 and its effects on us and our lives, or whether you are dealing with other issues in your life, Online or Telephone Counselling can be very helpful for people in remote places of the UK, for people who can’t easily get out perhaps because of caring for a family member, or for the current situation we are all facing with having to stay at home because of the Covid-19 virus. This kind of counselling can also feel comfortable from your own home. It is confidential, effective, convenient and easy to use.


This is provided through the Zoom platform which is secure and easy to use and is the nearest thing to face to face counselling. Once you have contacted me for a session and we have agreed on a time and date and gone through the working agreement, I send you an e-mail with the link for the 60 minute meeting which you click on at the time and date of the appointment. I work with individuals and couples through this method.


I realise that for some clients the transition over to either online counselling via Zoom Video Conferencing or Telephone Counselling can sometimes be difficult due to isolation with our families or partners and so it is difficult to find the privacy for sessions in some cases. For this reason I am offering E-mail Counselling as an alternative.

Another benefit of this kind of counselling is that you can re read a  therapeutic e-mail from a counsellor over more than once as you always have it. It’s also sometimes easier to express and process or think about feelings by writing them down.

Once you have contacted me for E-mail Counselling and we have gone through the working agreement you send me your first counselling e-mail. I will spend at least one hour (in line with the BACP therapeutic hour) to read your e-mail and to write a therapeutic response, attending to the issues that are coming over as important to you and important in terms of therapy according to my training and experience as a counsellor. E-mails continue between us in this way for between one and six times or more if needed.


This is an alternative to Online Counselling and is again provided at a regular time for clients for the 60 minutes counselling hour. People sometimes prefer this method if they don’t feel comfortable with video conferencing or with technology. Telephone Counselling is another type of remote counselling which is confidential, effective, convenient and easy to use. Once you have contacted me for a session and we have agreed on a time and date and gone through the working agreement, I then contact you by telephone at the time of the appointment.